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Ajarring Ascention of The Love Pilgrims Mountain

An honor to love

wisdoms the price

wings have grown tired

lay with me while I rest.

hands do the singing

we visit the stars

love comes to see you

past tender opened hearts.

there is a time

for steady strong doors

but greet me now, beloved

while our masks

lay scattered on the floor.

now is when the flowers slow

shadows stow

muses float.

In ravishment

in heart shake

we writhe and we fall

greet the eyes

of the other side

truth beyond it all.

In you, dear lover,

I can see my figures fall

hiding is hopeless

our truth will for us call.

the meeting of the stars

brings light and dark to spin

on the doorstep of the veil

dancing between its sheets

I find you there again

then again I find my form

a strange and lovely dance

becoming everything

In between

trace the mountains edge

humbled by human dreams

haunted by our charms

potential at our fingertips

with light to bear our arms

what else is there to do

but recreate the worlds we’ve seen

with flute and pan and pen

greeting fleeting moments

that leapt beyond the end

outlived by eyes, ears,

lips and tips,

belief and logic bend

It’s no longer in our hands

at the whims of the divine

who forever lives to see lovers laugh

and make the shadows cry

in moments between worlds

where veils begin to lift

only thing that’s left to do

grab hold of whims and bliss

and give the earth a kiss

in you, dear lover,

worlds of tales to meet

in between reflections wild

being seen

the songs you seek

offer up our rest and warmth

mirrors for your rhyme

When life does turn

take your gaze

to our own beloved wild hides

I’ll greet you then at other doors

When stars do rest

and lovers meet

the rest of life to greet

there’s a story of a thousand rhymes

between every lovers sheets

when the veil slips back to earth

We find it’s you and me

tattered, remembering

visions follow softer gleans

full of light

wait patient

rip the seams

when worlds again collide

find knees where once were feet



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