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In Light of Becoming

Softly, sweetly

shadows break

hold me closely

gravity shake

souls call home

depth drawing near

ego dragging

future beyond fear

journey awaits

a sight to behold

light trickles in

initiation takes hold

down come my walls

flickering elated

distractions fall

bask in earths sweet taste

as spirit finds

within its beak

another rhyme

this world will speak

will you be there

with vibrant ears

eyes to see

songs to hear

along the river

you may find

sweet mothers whisper

the special kind

in sweet time

the curious divine

will bring to you your rhythm

weaving spirits awaited rhyme

take it or leave it

the louder it gets

what lies beneath you

behind, above and ahead

With Love,


"Whatever you have to say,

leave the roots on,

let them dangle

And the dirt

Just to make clear

Where they come from."

Charles Olson

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