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Spinning Light on Closer Shores

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Sinking deeper, deeper, lighter, brighter...

What strange and wild times these are.

Nearly daily I’m brought to my knees

serendipity and learning

pound hard on concrete.

Beyond the walls of shadows draw

there light awaits to lift my feet.

Laughing with me as we leave behind

the little things that give them false weight

in this strange world of tests and time.

Our wings are only bound

by the strength we give

to past and things unknown

that were never ours to bear.

No matter the cage or wall

by which we feel we’re bound

flight can always happen within.

Adversity can breed the strongest will

the softest heart and the fiercest wit

if we let it reach beyond

and give in to what there still is left to gain.

One must only lift the veil

to see the peace they seek

it all steps right in

the further and longer

the door is steadily held open

believing lies of life and death

had me bursting at the seams.

Light and love filling every crack

aching to be set free.

And now, wave by wave

it slips between the sheets.

We have to learn how much we have to lose before we can appreciate

how much this life can offer us.

When we let go of “shoulds”

and wish for learning, depth, stories to be told

we will know the meaning of love.

There is no greater shadow

than the fear of lost time

and yet we hide within it

a slave to our mind.

But will and the search for light is mighty

and so is the pen.

When we forgive what we hold dear

it gives life to our light

and weakens our fear.

To love is to let go

in moments of wanting

to give and receive it most

instead loving the whole world

with what’s left with nowhere else to go

but out.


In pleasant mind and sacred dreams,

The fallen mountain will rise again

For every long lost flight to come

Will forever bring you home

And when the shallow waters grow

Be it best your soul to show

Keep in mind where feet do stand

And take upon you the beggars hand

Forever is the longest time

To stay on earth with worried minds

Let love in and let it grow

Shallow waters soon will flow

In the melody of sun drenched time

Our skin will shift and shape our mind

Let it be and sink within

And find what ails your spirits wind

A love soaked bed forever finds

A peaceful harmonic halt of time

And when the world does spin again

We find our worries sink right in

What if love was a state of mind

One to bask in for all the while

A source of light as old as time

Never ending, always mine

Free to give and always more

To find within the closest shores

In cracks and nooks and dusty crannies,

Waiting, whispers, set me free

With Love,

Yours Truly


The Wolves by Mandolin Orange


wishing you all vibrant reimaginings and reunions with the love you always secretly knew you are made of.



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