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To Each A Vision Awaits

Light pours through the moon

even on darkest nights

Timbers rise soft and steady

to paint the illuminated sky

dancing around the stars

Dwelling winged friends call gently

with whispers of their dreams

Lullabied by ancient times and rhymes

only they can hear

and rhythms only they can see

Silent moon diver breaks the light of day

Cracks of light send them

back to shadowed sleep

And out will crawl their prey

Calling upon their red tailed friends

To finish what has begun

While night hawk dreams and sleeps

The morning song is sung

The red tails glow above the light of day

To watch and sing a message to

The virtuoso visionary

Who dares to look up and pray

For Mother Earth will softly call

And when your wings come out to play

No more gently will she show you

How to keep the darkness at bay

Your shattered walls will crumble down

The sea will carry them away

When the medicine she chose for you

slips into your veins

The howling moon and winged friends

will call upon your highest self

to weep upon stones of hearts

who have been lost

and never let themselves be found

To know what lies underneath

and still reach the light of day

Is what joins the ones who sing

The wings that join to pray

Bring softly healing to our ears

For in the cradle behind earthen fears

and learning how to see

There brings a wide and noble truth

To everyone, a seed.



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