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Bones, Roses and Stone


May we always shine through,

To heal from the path,

that’s no longer our own.

Find wisdom in what we can no longer hold.

Shed light upon history,

A heart shaped divine mystery.

Bring forth kindness,

And share the likeness,

Of the wisdom held within seeds.

Feed the earth as my own,

And all of the others who call it home.

We’re all waiting to grow old.

And our heart to grow bold,

To light up our soul.

We all came from bones,

Roses and stone,

And one day will again become a part of its hold.

Until then we can choose,

What will linger beyond,

Long after we’re gone.

Heal your own heart,

And see the healer’s forever within.

A touch of grace and compassion,

Find the light in your own skin.

Find time for the moon and the sun,

In all of their passings,

Their dance has already again begun.

Free the sails and take to the wind,

Whether it be rhyming,

Or rhythmics,

Or strokes

Or print.

Or touch,

Or taste,

Or movement,

Or clay.

Or wild adventures,

Keeping darkness at bay.

Whose to say what’s better or best,

When your offering comes,

From a place unique to the rest.

At the end of the day,

When our skin is worn thin,

Our possessions rusted,

Reminiscing on the journey within.

What’s left to hold onto,

But peace intertwined,

With a heart that sang its own song,

With or without rhythm and rhyme.


Love and light to you all <3

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